Utah’s Associate in Wilderness Medicine

Take your wilderness medicine training to the next level

The University of Utah School of Medicine’s Associate in Wilderness Medicine program offers an even higher level of achievement for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts. Please note that this is a certification program. It does not grant an associate's (AA) degree.

Successful completion of our Wilderness First Aid 16-Hour Certificate, Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT course entitles you to free enrollment in this program, exclusively available through Survival Med.

Your certificate also meets the program’s initial exam requirement:

Univ of Utah Associate in Wilderness Medicine advanced certification program

How to apply

After you receive your Survival Med Wilderness First Aid 16-Hour, Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT certificate:

Contact our Student Support team via the Help bubble for your access code and further instructions.


Program Overview

You'll complete each of the following self-paced online courses and their associated online exams:

  1. Backpacking Medicine
  2. Search & Rescue
  3. Wilderness Travel & Tropical Medicine

Once you pass the exams, you'll be able to download your certificate from the University of Utah's site.