Who Accepts Survival Med Certifications?

Survival Med's Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder certifications and Wilderness First Responder recertifications are accepted by most federal and state agencies, employers, non-profits and other organizations.

We're happy to check our records if you're wondering whether a specific organization accepts our online, hybrid or in-person certifications. It's also a good idea to check with your organization.

If your organization requires a live component, our WFA and WFR courses offer a live Zoom option led by a licensed U.S. medical provider.

If your organization requires an in-person component, we offer hybrid WFA and WFR courses in selected locations that include 4-8 hours of in-person instruction.

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National & State Parks

Including Rocky Mountain, Grand Canyon, Katmai, New River Gorge and many others!

Search & Rescue

Approved by NASAR for SARTECH & accepted by Washington Area Mountain Rescue, Yosemite SAR, Alaska CERT/VFF,  McMurdo Station (Antarctica) Polar SAR, Adirondacks Mountain Rescue, Antigua & Barbuda SAR & many more!

Search and rescue SAR team with victim in forest

Federal & State Agencies

National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey, Montana Board of Outfitters, NASA, DOD, VA and many more!


Outfitters & travel businesses including Western River Expeditions, Northeast Whitewater, Montana Whitewater, Alaska Mountain Guides & Climbing School & many more!

Employers including SWCA Environmental Consultants, American Queen Voyages, Exodus Outdoor Adventures, Great Basin Institute and many others!

Boy and girl scouts standing in green field

Non-Profits & Clubs

Non-profits including American Canoe Assn/PaddleSports, local Sierra Club chapters, Americorps, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts (excluding high-adventure bases), Luke5 Adventures & many others!

Colleges, universities, middle schools and high schools, including University of Montana, University of Colorado and many more!