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The cost of professional Wilderness Medicine and first aid training should never be the reason someone doesn't come home from an outdoor adventure.

Knowledge is power. So we're always excited when someone in the media helps spread Survival Med's message of survival, endurance, self-efficacy, resourcefulness and hope.

Putting critical WildMed knowledge in the hands of ordinary people means one less family has to worry about whether their loved ones are returning from their hiking, climbing, skiing or backpacking trip.

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— Dr. Natalie Bonthius, Survival Med founder,
outdoor enthusiast, ER doc and austere medicine specialist

Dr. Natalie Bonthius
KSTU ox 13 Salt Lake City UT

KSTU Fox 13 Utah talks about the University of Utah's WildMed U. and Dr. Bonthius's mission to make wilderness medicine and first aid affordable and available to everyone everywhere.

KPNX NBC Channel 12 Phoenix

In the wake of a recent local search and rescue story, KPNX NBC 12 Phoenix talks about the importance of wilderness survival knowledge and provides a brief overview of Survival Med's regional classes, including segments on desert survival and rescue.

The Daily Utah Chronicle

The University of Utah's Daily Utah Chronicle talks about the importance of wilderness safety and first aid training, the Survival Med online wilderness medicine program, and Dr. Bonthius's dream of making lifesaving knowledge accessible to everyone.

University of Utah
WHSV Harrisonburg VA

Virginia and W. Virginia stations WHSV and WVVA note the "survival anxiety" faced by people with medical conditions, and Dr. Bonthius highlights the knowledge needed to address outdoor medical emergencies.

Fishing boat on lake
Deseret News

Deseret News highlights University of Utah professor, former Assoc. Dean of Student Affairs, and Survival Med faculty Dr. Richard Ingebretsen for his award from the Salt Lake University Institute of Religion for Excellence in Education, for "excellence in teaching, mentoring and supporting students in achieving their academic and personal goals."

Dr. Richard Ingebretsen
KSL News Radio 102.7 M

Utah's KSL News Radio 102.7 FM talks with Survival Med's Dr. Richard Ingebretsen about the dangers of altitude sickness and why what most people don't know about it can hurt them.

Altitude sickness
EMS World

EMS World talks with Survival Med's Kevin Grange about the challenges o delivering EMS care in the remote wilderness of many U.S. National Parks.

Iron Mountain, ZIon National Park
Journal of Emergency Medical Services

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services talks with Survival Med's Kevin Grange and author o the book Wild Rescues about the challenges o delivering EMS care in the remote wilderness of many U.S. National Parks.

Kevin Grange's Wild Rescues
Enduring the Badge Podcast

Enduring the Badge shares true stories of endurance from First Responders and EMS. Episode #73: Performing Wild Rescues in The National Parks share's SM's Kevin Grange's story.

Andy Parrish Logo

Influencer/outdoor enthusiast Andy Parrish Outdoors shares a 90-minute 1:1 with Dr. Bonthius about her mission to get critical wilderness survival and first aid skills into the hands of ordinary people.

The Natural Medic

"Backcountry travelers should consider wilderness Medicine Training for every backcountry traveler, whether backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, or any other backcountry activity. But, unfortunately, backcountry / Wilderness recreational pursuits may be far from more definitive care. In this week's episode, I am talking with Dr. Nathalie Bonthius, who started her company Survival Med in 2021."

THENATURALMEDIC Adventures Podcast hosts an hourlong interview with Dr. Bonthius to deep dive on outdoor adventures and how to avoid or treat serious medical injuries in the backcountry.

Trail Dames Podcast

"Natalie Bonthius is the founder of Survival Med. She earned her Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Central Florida, and is combining a career in austere medicine with her background in neuroscience. Dr. Bonthius is a Fellow in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine, Advanced Wilderness and Expedition Provider, Advanced Wilderness Life Support instructor, and board member of the International Association of Near-Death Studies."

The Trail Dames Podcast regularly features women leaders in outdoor medicine, hiking, backpacking, adventuring, and more, with an emphasis on safety, self-awareness, and preparedness.

Hiking Unfiltered - Getting Real on the Trail

"In this episode, Courtney talks with Dr. Natalie Bonthius, wilderness first aid specialist and founder of Survival Med. They talk about what intrigued Dr. Bonthius about this field, how medicine in the wild can be so different and they answer the question: "How can I be prepared so I won't need first aid?""

Hiking Unfiltered sat down with Natalie to talk about wilderness survival, preparedness, and to avoid needing wilderness medicine in the first place...and when you do, what to do when help isn't coming for a while.

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