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Eligibility & Enrollment

Survival Med University is available to for-profit businesses and non-profit groups & organizations who support our mission of low-cost high-quality lifesaving knowledge for everyone everywhere.

  • National, state, regional and local businesses, non-profits, organizations, teams and clubs
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetup and other online & offline groups

Universal Discount Code

Affordable access for your employees or group members to Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, W-EMT & other Survival Med courses

Best for groups focused on specific outdoor interests, like a Facebook hiking group or local trail running club.

  • Provides a 15% discount code for use by your group’s members
  • Includes “friends and family” access to discount code
  • Available to groups with 4 or more members
  • No volume purchase required.

Volume Discounts

Best if your business or organization needs to certify or recertify an entire group for Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder/W-EMT, like all the guides at your expedition business or all the volunteers who support your annual trail run.

  • Requires volume commitment
  • Discounts increase based on volume commitment

Fundraising Toolkit

Our affiliate program is a valuable fundraising tool for your organization.

Your members can sell Survival Med first aid and personal safety classes in your local community via in-person events, your social media pages, email newsletters, and other channels.

  • Your organization receives a share of the revenue based on sales volume
  • The minimum revenue share you’ll receive starts at 30%

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